Tecwill Granulators

Tecwill Granulators turns industrial by-products into sustainable business.

We find the best, most sustainable and most efficient way for our customers to make use of by-products. We solve the problem, support in the implemantation of the solutions, and develop it to meet changing demands in the future. Our goal is to create lasting, active relationship with our customers.

A circular economy and making use of by-products in industry is the way forward. By re-using recovering the by-products of the industrial processes we lessen the impact of industry on the environment, save depleting natural resources, create new and sustainable business and help build a better and more sustainable society.

The financial and environmental costs of traditional ways of handling by-products can be turned into sustainable, profitable business.

The operations of Tecwill Granulators Oy are steered by our core values: respecting the environment by creating solutions that save natural resources, understanding our customers’ needs, and constantly developing our expertise and our operations. Tecwill Granulators Oy is part of the Tecwill group of companies. 

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