Granulation and Mixing

Tecwill Granulators products enable the effective handling and re-using of industrial by-products. Our products offer our customers an invaluable addition to their operational chain.

Granulation - Agglomeration

Tecwill granulation systems allow the effective agglomeration of powdered and dusty industrial by-products into granules. The granules can then either be returned into the normal production process or used for new purpose. The most suitable granulation technology can be chosen for the process regarding industrial by-products and requirement of the recycled product. 

We offer a test granulation service for materials/by-products of the customer. Test granulation service can be used to ensure the agglomeration of by-products and give solid information for the investment decision.

The process eliminates unnecessary disposal of by-products in landfill sites. The result is a more effective production process in which re-using by-products instead of disposing of them helps generate a positive, environmentally friendly image. Production losses are lessened, more sales revenue is generated, and landfill costs and environmental taxes are lessened.

After treatment

Freshly former granules need some after treatment before granules are ready for sales.

Granules can be dried with different technics drying technics. Heat source can be recovered heat from the existing factory, electric or diesel/gas burners.

After surface of fresh granules are dried, then granules are ready for sieving. Fines and over size granules can be separated from granule stream. There are different kind of sieving solutions regarding granule hardness and durability. Fine and oversize granules can be returned back to granulation process or directed to lose material containers.

Conveying and storing systems for granules can be tailor made for customers’ needs and the location of the plant. Storages solution can vary from tubular silos to tent halls. After storing period granules can be loaded to the truck or exchangeable skip with granule feeders.

If the customer prefers big bagged granules, big bagging solutions can be combined to total solution. Big bagging station can be either manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic.

Tecwill Granulators can deliver tailor made granulation stations regarding customer’s needs.


Tecwill mixing systems are suitable for mixing and stabilising different types of materials, mass, ash and contaminated soils.  The stabilised mass can then safely be used as an alternative material for landscaping or other uses. The unnecessary environmental burden of landfill disposal is minimised. Re-using by-products saves depleting natural resources, environmental taxes and landfill costs. It also increases sustainability and generates new revenue as well as a positive, environmentally conscious image.
Tecwill mixing stations represents a new way of thinking about mixing and stabilising. The mixing station is completely assembled at the factory, then delivered to the customer. When the market situation or production processes change, the station can be moved to a new location.

WillControl system

Tecwill’s in-house developed WillControl system is a modern, user-friendly, fully automatic Windows-based control system. The system leverages today’s latest bus technology and data transfer methods, enabling reliable and fast operation.

The WillControl system supports the control of the granulation/mixing station from proportioning/dosing to quality control. The system can be composed of suitable control modules according to the customer’s application needs. The software application can be designed, for example, for production of recycled product.

The WillControl system is flexible and can be linked to the customer’s information system, such as invoicing, material management programs. The system offers versatile reporting features in accordance with the actual needs of the customer.

The WillControl control-system has been developed corresponding to the requirements of the EN 206-1 standard.

The Willcontrol system enables remote control via internet. Operator can operate the Willcontrol system with the remote desktop tool.

There is also available HD-quality camera monitoring system to help the operator follow most critical points of production process.   

Machine vision system

Tecwill has developed a machine vision to monitor quality and grain size of granules on the granulation disc. The Willcontrol system can be equipped with the machine vision, then granulation station can be fully automatized. The willcontroll operation system operates and adjust granulation process automatically regarding given target grain size and quality of granule. There is no need for an operator in Tecwill Granulation station.  

Tecwill is the first company, who has developed fully automated control system for the granulation stations with the precise machine vision.  

Tecwill machine vision can improve performance and decrease costs of your granulation process. Tecwill machine vision is a tireless and precise worker.

The Tecwill machine vision system can also be integrate to the existing granulation plants.

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